Canopy Climbers LLC

Seattle, Washington

Home of Dave Bayard




Canopy Climbers

Gainesville, Florida
Home of Danny Lyons

Camp Fontanelle

Fremont, Nebraska

Climb A Tree

Leelenau and Grand Traverse counties, Michigan

Home of Bo Burke,

Dick Flowers, and Karl Pearsons

Dancing With Trees

Alto, Georgia
Home of Genevieve Summers,
TCI Master Instructor


Covington, KY
Home of Shelley and Bill Byrne

Tree for All

Roswell, Georgia
Home of Hank Blaustein


St. Petersburg, Florida

Tree Climbing Colorado

Evergreen, Colorado
Home of Harv Teitelbaum, TCI Instructor

Tree Climbing Hawaii

Home of Miles "Moonbeam" Burkart Honolulu, Hawaii

Tree Climbing Kansas City

Kansas City, Kansas
Home of Dan House,

Stan Stalnaker,
and Becki Petersen

Tree Climbing Planet

Nashville, TN and Portland, OR
Homes of Tim Kovar,
traveling TCI Master Instructor

Tree-ba dachi Climbing Academy

Williamsport, PA
Home of Ron Wright

US Tree Adventures

Dallas, Texas
Home of Matt Latham

Tropical Tree Climbing

Manaus, Brazi

Goodleaf Tree Climbing

Isle of Wight, UK
Home of Paul McCathie and Abigail Fox

German website for treeclimbers and geocachers
Home of Ulf Steinert, Leegebruch, Germany

Tree Climbing Australia

Brisbane, Australia
Home of Russell Tomlin

Tree Climbing Poland

Wroclaw, Poland


Woodland, California

New Tribe

Grant's Pass, Oregon



Pinnacle Arborist Supplies

Little Rock, Arkansas


Greensboro, North Carolina
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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WesSpur Tree Equipment

Bellingham, Washington
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Gear resources

Tree-Related Organizations

Arborist Resources

United States


American Forests

The oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, advocates for the protection and expansion of America’s forests.

American Grove

Committed to sustaining our green legacy by helping communities grow healthy trees.

Native Tree Society

A non-profit scientific organization dedicated to the study of trees and forests. Their Forums has a wealth of information about big trees and lots of incredible photographs, too.

Old-Growth Forest Network

Organized by Joan Maloof, OGFN's purpose is to build a network of old-growth (or future old-growth) forests across the U.S., where visitors will be able to experience native forests in their mature diversity and complexity.

Tree Foundation

Margaret ("CanopyMeg"), Executive Director
Pursues and promotes research, education, and exploration to advance the conservation of our planet's botanical resources and ecosystems dependent upon them.




Tree Climbers Coalition





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